Bored from their usual life transverse into parallel universe, Metaverse

Bunk off Punk


147 is the total supply of this exclusive collection

Mint Price

0.21 SOL


We will be listing this collection on Magic Eden and Sol Art.


this is what we are building

Phase 1

– Website launch
– Discord Open
– Multi channel marketing

Phase 2

– Active discord engagement
– Multiple Giveaways to hype
– Selecting the best launchpad

Phase 3 – Revealing

– Mint Date
– Mint Price
– Mint launchpad

Phase 4 – Utility

– Raffle
– Bunk Flip coin
– BOP$ token staking

Phase 5 – Identity

– Partnership & collaboration with like- minded brands

Phase 6

– Punks land at Metaverse

Sneak Peek

Peek-a-boo! pure magic is here

About us

you said us, now you have right to know who we are

What are Bunk off Punk?

we have come up with a completely new way for users to share their own new versions. One where you, the community, can use the building blocks we give you to make a new version of yourself or a new story about yourself.

The characters and world

Bunk off Punk is a group of people who have been changed to look like new versions of their favorite characters. With similar traumas wrapped in absurdity, which brought them together in this new parallel universe called Metaverse, which is an emotional support camp in the galaxy.

Why are we doing this?

It’s a dark concept that shows how stressful modern life can be. Trauma is now awesome. Online life is stressful and hard to handle. Twitter can be bad and funny at the same time. They all feel alone and like everyone else has their lives together, but as time goes on, they find that they have something in common with each other.

Punks Team

none of us is as smart as all of us


    I am not the boss, i just lead good. My team is my strength and my passion.


      Marketing Expert

      Just know who is the right mate to call for the right job, without me it’s like you’re winking girl in dark.


        Artist/ Sketcher

        I don’t feel like talking. Because that’s what my art does. It speaks where my words can’t comprehend my emotions.


          Developer/ Programmer

          Codes test me and I test them, funny how it works. But this is where I provide wonders. All you have to do is give me latte and i am good to go.